Colibri Color Fashion

Colorful clothes from the Orient

Discover fashion collection from India, Nepal, Thailand and other oriental countries

You Dress up into the energy

Live for the colors
Feel free in our clothes like Colibri flying from the blossoming flowers

We invite you shopping from the COLIBRI.
You will find colorful clothing and accessories
from India, Nepal and Thailand, but also from other countries of the world.
Ladies, men, children, and we have many pieces for our full-bodied characters.

Warm coats, sweatshirts, dresses, tunic dresses, airy summer dresses, skirts, embroidered blouses, shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, trousers, aladin trousers, warm blankets, wool caps, wallets, bags, canvas shopping bags, handbags...

We offer hand-made gift items, such as the massage finger rings by "Moyo" brand, bookmarks intoo the books by "Patricius Art" brand and many merry earrings.
Kaleidoscopes, musical instruments called "Kalimba" - this instrument is very suitable for children, adults, musicians and non-musicians. And when you will hear to the world's most beautiful glockenspiel chimes called "Koshi", you buy them promptly.

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